Monday, November 21, 2011

A circular Story !


Circle rolls over the snowy mountain There came a big triangular prism

with it’s big pointy side The circle rolled over and over and our hero

Bouncy bouncy came and killed triangular prism

everybody came to bouncy bouncy and they all got protected from bouncy bouncy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The mysterious bush walk!

On a hot summers day we went for a Mysterious bush walk. but the only thing I hated about it was the sun. The sun made everything hot like a Ice-cream melting to death. I really love the sun but not always. Suddenly I was first in the line and all I saw at the back of the line was r.7 r.8 r.6 and Mr hooker with Miss Oldfield. It just like a race and I sure liked races. Finally we reached up where the traffic lights where but we have to keep on walking and I felt like going on a hot volcano wanting me to stop and sleep. So when the time came for us to stop everybody began to laugh with excitement. Mrs tui was telling me that she wanted a house just like those other houses. I watching the flowers and their I felt like going into the houses and have a bottle of juice. Yea we stopped again nobody knew i was sweating so Miss tui asked Mr hooker ‘’if dingle dell is there” and I said “yeah its over here”. So we walked where all the plant’s and leaves were and it was a forest to me.

We walked through the forest to and all we could see was a river with branches inside it. I ran and then we saw a meadow. There was a toilet and the best part was that it was peaceful and quiet. Later we ate and played. Some of the girls and boys played king ball but the other boys played touch or rugby woo ho i have got Rollin,Jessica and Silvia out. Unfortunately we had to go and I said “ooh”. Last of all we went back to school and had a drink 4 long.

My Highlight was when we played king ball and when we were inside the forest looking at the trees.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blue family!

blue family!

It was a sunny day one night the mum said to Alexandra Blue to go to sleep but she talks back to her mum and never do what she said the sisters went to sleep and those sisters were called Chelsea,Stacey and Sabrina they are like mates in class. one morning she messed up the bedroom and messed up her toys and the mum and dad was so angry she didn’t go on her netbook again and so that day she killed her mum and dad and now she is going to kill her sisters.