Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summary of Chapter 4- David Copperfield

Chapter 4 talks about Davy’s stepfather sending him to boarding-school. First, the carrier takes Davy to the stage-coach, and that’ll take him to London. Davy arrives at Yarmouth Hotel and he meets a waiter called William who takes him to the coffee-room to eat. Once Davy finished eating with the help of the waiter, he heard the coach-horn and got up and left, but the waiter stopped Davy, so Davy gave him 1 shilling. He asked the guard if anyone was waiting for him, there was no one. Suddenly, a man walked up to Davy, it was one of the masters at the boarding-school so they left and went 6 miles to the boarding-school. Finally they arrived at Salem House.

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