Thursday, August 23, 2012

David Copperfield,Chapter 3

Chapter 3 summary-
*Davy is already in Yarmouth
*Davy meets Peggotty’s nephew, Ham.
*When Davy saw Little Em’ly, (Peggotty’s niece) he was in love
*Davy has a new father.
*Davy is not happy that his mother is getting married again
*Davy is sent away from home.

Chapter 3 is about Davy meeting Peggotty’s family. He finds out Peggotty has a brother, and brother-in-law who have passed away. Their children Ham and Em’ly live with Mr Peggotty.
When Davy returns home he finds out he has a new father, Mr Murdstone. Davy is upset.

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