Friday, April 27, 2012

Reading circle Week 1

About the blurb at the back of the book!

Maxine-This is the book that I wanted to read-  Mayday by G BRASSI
These are a few books that she has wrote
Four of them are..
Attacked,Maday,Skull Island and Paperchase.
I like reading this book because it’s like a mystery to be solved and It also looks like a adventure.

I love reading stories about adventure and I am very interested in this book.
I also love this author because she understands what she is reading and besides she has her own imagination.

Salamona-  Very exciting can’t wait to dig into another chapter.

A’leina -I felt like this book was going to be an mysterious book for me to read. That’s why I picked this book because it might be an interesting book to read.  I don’t know this author but I am going to learn more about G BRASSI. When I read this book  I wonder what would happen to their dad.

Attacked, Mayday, Skull Island, and Paperchase  have been included in the Storylines Children's Literature Notable NZ Books lists.


Discussion Director- Maxine
Wild and Crazy Word Finder- Zephaniah
Selection Director- A’leina
Summary Director- Salamona

My Role in the Reading circle!

Selection Director
Pick the most interesting part to read to your group during our next guided reading meeting.

Page 21  last paragraph
Page 15 paragraph 3

-I chose this paragraph because
It felt like it was the sad part of the story.
-This was a interesting part to read
because I know who uncle matt is and what he does.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Day at St Francis Retreat centre!

Zoom! went the car, Woo hoo as the wind blowed me with its air, I was with my Grandpa he was driving while I was at the back minding my own business. Yes! I made it to School just in time and look I saw robertanna she looked stunning with her skinny jeans. As I walked inside my classroom I saw the year 8’s waiting with excitment. Hi guys and they replied back Hi A’leina,and they said you look pretty with your dress, Thank you I replied back. When I saw my mum I was so happy because she was going to drop me off to St Francis Retreat Centre.

Wow! what a nice building I said with amazement. When we finally arrived there just in time for lunch I saw Brother Philip. Hello brother philip, and he waved to me. Later on the year eight’s walked inside the building and was excited to see their new rooms.

My Favourite Activity That I did at St Francis Retreat Centre was noahs ark, who are good leaders, and acting out the station of the cross.

What I learnt making arks is that when you make something do it with a partner and don’t just use cardboard. My leader is jesus and I want to follow his footsteps. Acting out the stations of the cross was awesome, it helped me learn what jesus did or experienced 2 thousand years ago.