Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anzac bad news letter!!!!

Bad News Letter !

30 November 1940

87 Tripoli Rd
Mt Wellington

Dear Mum and Dad and all the family,

My friends have died and I am alone . The only one left from those who came to serve in the platoon from Mt Wellington. My captain said that “I have to come back
home because I was the only one who survived .“ It is very dangerous but I have decided to stick with it .
Well I hope I make it there in time for my next birthday once my mission here is complete.

Yours faithfully
Love you all and wish me luck!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Blood, blood the people had blood on their faces,
Crushed, crushed the car’s were crushed,
Everybody, everybody run over here ,
Everybody, everybody run over there,
Building’s, building’s all are ruined,
Crying, crying Christchurch is crying.

Earthquake, earthquake please stop,
Earthquake, earthquake your pompus,
Shaking, shaking the whole place,
Shaking, shaking the whole lake,
Shivering, shivering everybody was shivering,
Now, now stop crying.

Rescuers, rescuers please help,
Rescuers, rescuers don’t give up,
Mountain, mountain rumbling down,
Bye,bye earthquake now you have died,

Mothers day letter!

Although a daughter,I write this as a mother.
Were both lovely daughters now,of older mothers
you a grandmother forced to be a mother,
and,I,a window alone with my fearless daughter.
Death has thus both shaped our life in ways
we would not have chosen.Yet the life is still the bright.
painfully lovely this it was always:
Our children like dancers on dark,at splendid night,
needing our loves as i needed yours;your love
the same song ever,for this time i remember
so from my time in your arms we move in slow spirals
toward the stars September has weeks like June
yet it is closer to fall love has no answers yet beauty answers all!

Mothers day love poem

Mothers day poem!

A- A Mother of love and care.
L- love her children and family.
L-Little baby twins in her tummy.
E-Every persons dream.
L-Likes to be there for her children.
U-Uses her hands to look after me.
I-Is happy when shes with me.
A- A Mother of love and care.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mothers day poem!

A Heart Just Like Mum!

I might not pray often,and i might not pray enough
but when i do ,this is all i ask of you

God give me a heart just like hers
she loves unconditionally,no matter what no matter who...

God give me courage just like her
Shes very brave,she makes me unafraid

God give me wisdom just like hers
She knows everything,big and small,shes there to help us through it all

God give me strength just like hers
shes been knocked down,yet she stands strong for another round.....

God give me beauty just like hers
when she smiles she gives me that feeling that everything will be okay,
and all my problems disappear for awhile.....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Net book celebration !!!

! Net Book Celebration!

Today at St Pius the senior syndicate were having a net book celebration,we all felt extremely excited to have this net book. The first thing we did was to sign our contract and make a commitment to pay it each month our parent’s are best parent's I ever had and i love them too.

Miss G and Mr Coackley told all the classes expect for the junior syndicate that you never ever put the net book's on the edge of the table or on the desk's if your getting something. But we have to be careful of where our net book are because it is our baby and we don't want the net book to be broken or put our yucky germs on it.The main thing is that we have to be at the right blog not on other yucky blogs.Miss G told us to open our net book and it was so beautiful just like St Pius.

So the senior syndicate had a count down to 10 all the way number to 1 and then they pushed the on button and we were on live . That was awesome too.Now we had to do our email's and make our own password secretly. After that we were all surprised to see the Manaiakalani project, I was thrilled to see it on the screen. Finally we made it on MENU and everybody said “I am on like a show” . So we all played games to get use to how and were things are on this computer system. Eventually Miss G told us to put all our volume's down because we were all so noisy and all the teacher's were angry because we were all playing games so all of the senior syndicate were turning the volume down and it was quiet and calm.Now we were all playing but suddenly our teacher Miss Tui was telling us to shut down because we are going to do another subject and we all said ooooooohhhhh!!!! in a big voice.

Well it was our chance to use new technology to help us improve our skills and knowledge.