Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I will Treasure these memories in my heart

Year 8 Graduation dinner

At the Masala restaurant in Mission Bay, The year 8's graduation dinner was fascinating.
Everybody came in there Formal clothes and was beautiful.  The restaurant was filled with people.  I saw the girls wearing there exquisite clothes. I came with curls in my hair and a dress that had beads in the front.  Boys came with handsome clothes as well. We all looked Phenomenal.

The food was delicious and we had a great time their. The Year 8's were very happy and we all had  the most wonderful time of our lives. I thank the teachers and Parent's for coming and this time together will always be remember forever.

By A'leina 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Presentation

Here is my Advent Presentation. This took me 1 day to make and I had help form my mother.

Advent Presentation

I hope this presentation helped you!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Maths Project

Our Maths Presentation

Maths project

This is our Maths presentation we only have 
one equation and this is our strategy we are going to present
to the whole school.

Hope you enjoy! :D

Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Group Nutrient- Fat

Fat is what you need,
Its a source of energy.
Its something that you eat,
but its not healthy.
It comes in our so many times,
so be very clever and eat it sometimes.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Maths Test- Reflection

My Reflection for Maths

I had a difficult time solving the problems.
I tried my best and I put my hard onto my work.
I hope I have a good score and my teacher will be happy for me.
Some of the question were guesses because I don’t know any of them.
I was having lots of problems and I still need to work hard for my Maths test in the future.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Fench sentences

Je suis neuf Croisante
Je suis un cinq Bonbon
Je suis trois Baguette
Je suis dix Crayon

I have 9 Croisante
I have 1 lollie
I have 3 baguette
I have 10 pencils

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Maths Creation- 3 Dimensional Shapes

3 Dimensional Shape

1.Hello everybody I have 6 faces 8 vertices and 12 edges. I am shaped like a Box.
Do you know what my shape is?

A Cube

2.I have 5 faces and 8 edges and a slope inwards to form a vertex at the top, and my base is a square. I can be a tent, or a mountain. Who am I?

A square pyramid

3. I have 3 faces and I have two flat faces (which can be a circle) and
one curved face.I  can be a water tank, a pipe or a candle. What am I?

A cylinder

4.I have 2 faces, and 1 edge. I am a half of a sphere.
On Earth there are 2 of me. what shape am I?

A hemisphere

5.I have a flat base and one curved face which narrows to a vertex.
I have 2 faces and 1 edge I can be a party hat or an icecream cone. What am I?

A cone

6.I have 8 faces and 6 vertices and 12 edges. I am like a diamond but far more interesting. Who do you think I am?

An Octahedron

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summary of Chapter 4- David Copperfield

Chapter 4 talks about Davy’s stepfather sending him to boarding-school. First, the carrier takes Davy to the stage-coach, and that’ll take him to London. Davy arrives at Yarmouth Hotel and he meets a waiter called William who takes him to the coffee-room to eat. Once Davy finished eating with the help of the waiter, he heard the coach-horn and got up and left, but the waiter stopped Davy, so Davy gave him 1 shilling. He asked the guard if anyone was waiting for him, there was no one. Suddenly, a man walked up to Davy, it was one of the masters at the boarding-school so they left and went 6 miles to the boarding-school. Finally they arrived at Salem House.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

David Copperfield,Chapter 3

Chapter 3 summary-
*Davy is already in Yarmouth
*Davy meets Peggotty’s nephew, Ham.
*When Davy saw Little Em’ly, (Peggotty’s niece) he was in love
*Davy has a new father.
*Davy is not happy that his mother is getting married again
*Davy is sent away from home.

Chapter 3 is about Davy meeting Peggotty’s family. He finds out Peggotty has a brother, and brother-in-law who have passed away. Their children Ham and Em’ly live with Mr Peggotty.
When Davy returns home he finds out he has a new father, Mr Murdstone. Davy is upset.

David Copperfield, Chapter 2

David Copperfield, Chapter 2

*When they went to the church and saw a handsome man
who walked them home.

*The part when davy went to yarmouth with peggotty his nurse.

*When david was asked by his nurse peggotty to go to yarmouth.

*Mum meets mr murdstone at home.

*When david and peggotty went to yarmouth. I found out who is “I”. His name is davy

*Davy is jealous of mr murdstone for some reason.

*Davy and Peggotty talk about going to Yarmouth
*When David came out of the Church and saw his Mum with another man.

Chapter 2 summarises Davy’s childhood. He talks about his nurse, Peggotty. Peggotty watches over Davy and takes him to church. One night, Davy saw his mother with a gentlemen. The same gentlemen that walked home with them from church last Sunday, Davy didn’t like him.About 2 months later, Peggotty asked Davy if he could spend a fortnight with her brothers at Yarmouth. He was excited but sad at the same time, he didn’t want to leave his mother.  So Davy asked his mother if he could go, she was okay with it.

Poem about Saint Pius X

Saint Pius X

Giuseppe Melchiorre
Pope, Priest, Refugee, Saint
He has Three brothers and six sisters
He Loves His Family so much
Who feels happy around his family,
Who needs Family to help him,
Who gives people and his family Support,
Who fears Wolves
Who would like to see Pope Pius ix,
Resident of the Austrian Empire,

Friday, August 17, 2012


I've learnt how to solve a ratio problem and how to write my own ratio problem.

Angelica was packing marbles to take with her to camp. Each bag had 2 red marbles and 6 green marbles.

1. She needs to fill 10 bags. How many red and green marbles does she need?

2. If she has 20 green marbles, How many red marbles?

3. She has 24 marbles to pack. How many red marbles and how many green marbles.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My French greeting week 1

In French time, I have been learning how to greet other people in French. This is a conversation about two people who are greeting each other, and is translated into French.

Mona: How are you?
Margaret: bad

Mona: Salut
Mona:Ca va?
Margaret:Ca va mal

Monday, June 4, 2012

Jesus Getting Baptised!

In The Jordan River a man named Jesus was baptised by his cousin John The Baptist. While he was praying, the clouds opened, and a white dove came down. Suddenly a voice from above said, “You are my own son, I am pleased with you”. At once Jesus began his ministry in the desert. He stayed in the desert for forty days and was tempted by Satan, during this time he did not eat anything.

Friday, May 11, 2012

What I learnt in Basketball Week 3!

*I learnt that if you chest pass you throw the ball chest to chest not other their head or on their knee.
*The other thing I learnt is that when you throw to another person you have to put your full energy to pass the ball like if they throw and someone intercepts their hand will get injured.
*If you dribble the ball you have to bend your knees with your back straight and I did that while I was playing with my teammates and that's how we won.

My Reading Role Week 3!

Summary Director

Write two to three paragraphs summarizing the chapter or today's reading. Use the chart that guides you through summarizing.
Today’s story took place in the sea. It was talking about Lee and Dad going fishing.
And we untied knots from the net full of fish.
My mothers day writing!

I nominate my mother because she is a loving person and she cares for her children. My mother always do  anything for her kids and gives them love with all her heart, and most of all  she always makes people welcome with all her might. Even though she is always tired by looking after the baby twins she always pushes me to play the piano.   My mum is very special and the best of all mums and I am very lucky to have her as a mother. 


Friday, May 4, 2012

Basketball Experience!

Basketball Experience!

As I walked in the Tennis court I saw a man standing next to Mrs Tui I thought he was Randy Jackson but he wasn’t. When I was at my team Bruce told us to dribble the ball  and when I tried new techniques and skills for the first time  I enjoyed learning basketball.

I listened attentively to  Bruce, our instructor. He told us what our next activity was and I was so excited  I couldn’t wait.
“Come on! A’leina you can do it” shouted Robertanna so I did my hardest to win and I did, YES! I was so overjoyed.
We sat down 3rd and we lost our game but we never gave up hope.

I was Running and then I scored a goal and my team was cheering for me then it was phoenix's turn to score and he had a goal what a relief.  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Reading circle Week 1

About the blurb at the back of the book!

Maxine-This is the book that I wanted to read-  Mayday by G BRASSI
These are a few books that she has wrote
Four of them are..
Attacked,Maday,Skull Island and Paperchase.
I like reading this book because it’s like a mystery to be solved and It also looks like a adventure.

I love reading stories about adventure and I am very interested in this book.
I also love this author because she understands what she is reading and besides she has her own imagination.

Salamona-  Very exciting can’t wait to dig into another chapter.

A’leina -I felt like this book was going to be an mysterious book for me to read. That’s why I picked this book because it might be an interesting book to read.  I don’t know this author but I am going to learn more about G BRASSI. When I read this book  I wonder what would happen to their dad.

Attacked, Mayday, Skull Island, and Paperchase  have been included in the Storylines Children's Literature Notable NZ Books lists.


Discussion Director- Maxine
Wild and Crazy Word Finder- Zephaniah
Selection Director- A’leina
Summary Director- Salamona

My Role in the Reading circle!

Selection Director
Pick the most interesting part to read to your group during our next guided reading meeting.

Page 21  last paragraph
Page 15 paragraph 3

-I chose this paragraph because
It felt like it was the sad part of the story.
-This was a interesting part to read
because I know who uncle matt is and what he does.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Day at St Francis Retreat centre!

Zoom! went the car, Woo hoo as the wind blowed me with its air, I was with my Grandpa he was driving while I was at the back minding my own business. Yes! I made it to School just in time and look I saw robertanna she looked stunning with her skinny jeans. As I walked inside my classroom I saw the year 8’s waiting with excitment. Hi guys and they replied back Hi A’leina,and they said you look pretty with your dress, Thank you I replied back. When I saw my mum I was so happy because she was going to drop me off to St Francis Retreat Centre.

Wow! what a nice building I said with amazement. When we finally arrived there just in time for lunch I saw Brother Philip. Hello brother philip, and he waved to me. Later on the year eight’s walked inside the building and was excited to see their new rooms.

My Favourite Activity That I did at St Francis Retreat Centre was noahs ark, who are good leaders, and acting out the station of the cross.

What I learnt making arks is that when you make something do it with a partner and don’t just use cardboard. My leader is jesus and I want to follow his footsteps. Acting out the stations of the cross was awesome, it helped me learn what jesus did or experienced 2 thousand years ago.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello viewers all around the world, I have come back to share all my work I have did In St Pius x school so far. I have finished my Tennis Experience and even my Opening mass that Room 7 did.

I hope you all comment on my blog because if you don’t want view my exciting blog you can look at other people’s work!

But if you want to to look at my nice and astonishing blog I will be very pleased and I hope I see comments.


Today is a very special day, for St Pius x Opening school mass, for 2012. It is also a very special day because everyone had lots of smiles on their faces even our parents.

When St Pius x school pupils, communicated together and sang the rainbow song. The singing was astonishing and especially beautiful. The minute the prayers of the faithful finished their script or paper they came down quietly and bowed.

At the end of the Mass when we blessed the staff and teachers. I felt like this is going to be a new year of excitement.
I loved it when I participated in the mass and I was really proud of myself.

*Don’t be a burden to other’s.
*Paul begged us, don’t be lazy and muck around.
*Work hard to have a better life.
*Always obey the instruction’s given to you by Jesus.
*Jesus was an example for us to follow.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Tennis experience!

My Tennis Experience!

Yes! Room 7 was first to go. We filed into the court quietly. I was excited. Wow! look at all the net’s, the rackets and balls. They were scattered on the ground beautifully.

Later on we all sat down. We listened attentively to Marcel, the instructor. I didn’t take much notice of what he said, I was too busy looking at the pile of tennis rackets at the side.
“Girls first, grab a racket with a tennis ball and move to the other side of the net,” he said. I rushed and got my equipment and was dancing with joy as I was with the other girls on the other side of the court.

I tried new techniques and skills for the first time. I enjoyed learning how to play tennis. I had a fun experience listening to my instructor, Marcel. It was difficult for me but I managed to get the hang of it. Suddenly Marcel told us to find a partner. I was so thrilled because my partner was Agnes. We played games with our buddies. It was fun.

Our last game for Tennis was KING OF THE COURT!. It was a challenging game for me.We were shouting,stomping our feet and making loud noises. Room 7 this is it for today. I can’t wait for our next lesson.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Friday 3rd February 2012
My holidays for 2012!

On a warm hot summer day,Me,two of my cousins,brother and my dad, went
to the beautiful beach of mission bay, to have a nice long summer swim. I had to change my clothes to my swimming togs. My cousins were already changed
and were already in side the sea.
What a beautiful day I said to myself, ahhh I was relaxing having a wonderful time.

Hot day today I said I had sun burnt all over my back and even my face ohhh I really was burnt all right.
Now we had a fight getting little rocks and throw it to someone and I got my cousin on the back and I was laughing like a bad person.

At the end of the day my brother,dad, and two of my cousins went to change and guess what I was the last person to get out the bathroom. So we all went home and ate pizza.