Thursday, August 23, 2012

David Copperfield,Chapter 3

Chapter 3 summary-
*Davy is already in Yarmouth
*Davy meets Peggotty’s nephew, Ham.
*When Davy saw Little Em’ly, (Peggotty’s niece) he was in love
*Davy has a new father.
*Davy is not happy that his mother is getting married again
*Davy is sent away from home.

Chapter 3 is about Davy meeting Peggotty’s family. He finds out Peggotty has a brother, and brother-in-law who have passed away. Their children Ham and Em’ly live with Mr Peggotty.
When Davy returns home he finds out he has a new father, Mr Murdstone. Davy is upset.

David Copperfield, Chapter 2

David Copperfield, Chapter 2

*When they went to the church and saw a handsome man
who walked them home.

*The part when davy went to yarmouth with peggotty his nurse.

*When david was asked by his nurse peggotty to go to yarmouth.

*Mum meets mr murdstone at home.

*When david and peggotty went to yarmouth. I found out who is “I”. His name is davy

*Davy is jealous of mr murdstone for some reason.

*Davy and Peggotty talk about going to Yarmouth
*When David came out of the Church and saw his Mum with another man.

Chapter 2 summarises Davy’s childhood. He talks about his nurse, Peggotty. Peggotty watches over Davy and takes him to church. One night, Davy saw his mother with a gentlemen. The same gentlemen that walked home with them from church last Sunday, Davy didn’t like him.About 2 months later, Peggotty asked Davy if he could spend a fortnight with her brothers at Yarmouth. He was excited but sad at the same time, he didn’t want to leave his mother.  So Davy asked his mother if he could go, she was okay with it.

Poem about Saint Pius X

Saint Pius X

Giuseppe Melchiorre
Pope, Priest, Refugee, Saint
He has Three brothers and six sisters
He Loves His Family so much
Who feels happy around his family,
Who needs Family to help him,
Who gives people and his family Support,
Who fears Wolves
Who would like to see Pope Pius ix,
Resident of the Austrian Empire,

Friday, August 17, 2012


I've learnt how to solve a ratio problem and how to write my own ratio problem.

Angelica was packing marbles to take with her to camp. Each bag had 2 red marbles and 6 green marbles.

1. She needs to fill 10 bags. How many red and green marbles does she need?

2. If she has 20 green marbles, How many red marbles?

3. She has 24 marbles to pack. How many red marbles and how many green marbles.