Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello viewers all around the world, I have come back to share all my work I have did In St Pius x school so far. I have finished my Tennis Experience and even my Opening mass that Room 7 did.

I hope you all comment on my blog because if you don’t want view my exciting blog you can look at other people’s work!

But if you want to to look at my nice and astonishing blog I will be very pleased and I hope I see comments.


Today is a very special day, for St Pius x Opening school mass, for 2012. It is also a very special day because everyone had lots of smiles on their faces even our parents.

When St Pius x school pupils, communicated together and sang the rainbow song. The singing was astonishing and especially beautiful. The minute the prayers of the faithful finished their script or paper they came down quietly and bowed.

At the end of the Mass when we blessed the staff and teachers. I felt like this is going to be a new year of excitement.
I loved it when I participated in the mass and I was really proud of myself.

*Don’t be a burden to other’s.
*Paul begged us, don’t be lazy and muck around.
*Work hard to have a better life.
*Always obey the instruction’s given to you by Jesus.
*Jesus was an example for us to follow.