Friday, February 17, 2012


Friday 3rd February 2012
My holidays for 2012!

On a warm hot summer day,Me,two of my cousins,brother and my dad, went
to the beautiful beach of mission bay, to have a nice long summer swim. I had to change my clothes to my swimming togs. My cousins were already changed
and were already in side the sea.
What a beautiful day I said to myself, ahhh I was relaxing having a wonderful time.

Hot day today I said I had sun burnt all over my back and even my face ohhh I really was burnt all right.
Now we had a fight getting little rocks and throw it to someone and I got my cousin on the back and I was laughing like a bad person.

At the end of the day my brother,dad, and two of my cousins went to change and guess what I was the last person to get out the bathroom. So we all went home and ate pizza.

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