Friday, May 4, 2012

Basketball Experience!

Basketball Experience!

As I walked in the Tennis court I saw a man standing next to Mrs Tui I thought he was Randy Jackson but he wasn’t. When I was at my team Bruce told us to dribble the ball  and when I tried new techniques and skills for the first time  I enjoyed learning basketball.

I listened attentively to  Bruce, our instructor. He told us what our next activity was and I was so excited  I couldn’t wait.
“Come on! A’leina you can do it” shouted Robertanna so I did my hardest to win and I did, YES! I was so overjoyed.
We sat down 3rd and we lost our game but we never gave up hope.

I was Running and then I scored a goal and my team was cheering for me then it was phoenix's turn to score and he had a goal what a relief.  

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