Friday, July 8, 2011



*I will certainly cry if my mum and dad die with no one beside me.And my family will be lost without them.
I will never smile.
*I have always been unhappy when my friends and family frown too much, it makes me cry if they are get teased by someone.
*I have always been laughing in the old days when all of my family join together and tell jokes and stories.
*I love it when I smile every day when I am at home and at school or any where else.
*I am always worried when my mum goes shopping by herself with nobody with her.
*I have never had a grin in my whole entire life now that I came to my cousins house I always grin at them.
*Sometimes I try my best to make enemies love each other.
*I always tremble when I get cold- it feels like I am going to die or suffer because it is winter in New Zealand and it is freezing cold.
*I sigh every time I feel bored and have nothing to do. If i have nothing to do l will tell my mum to go at my Nana's house and go on Internet.
*I like being a little girl, smirking around and smiling at someone else.

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