Thursday, June 23, 2011

About new net book tool! Yes it is a help.

About new netbook tool! Yes it is a help.

This technology helps me to do my maths skills and helps me to do my writing much good in my work that we are doing while we listen to our teacher by helping us to achieve our goals in learning with this awesome net book and it is a very handy little net book.With this fine netbook i can do anything but learn to do the right things and to nothing with bad stuff but hopefully with this little baby netbook i can get a honours badge when i am year 8. I love this netbook because it has everything i need to do if i have something wrong or something missing from my netbook and that’s why this is my favorite baby.The reason why we use this tool is to make us better in our learning by listening to our teacher and our mum dad and our grandpa and grandma with lots of care.

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