Friday, June 3, 2011

My boring-est Holiday in my life!!!

Holidays !!!!!!!
Today my holiday was boring because i had nothing to do all i do is at home is just watch T.V every day and it makes my day miserable when i have nothing to do it gets more boring every time i go at home i have lots of studies like piano and Samoan stuff to do and sometimes i hate it because all my cousins are far away from me one are at otahuhu and Massey and that's sad its because they are tired because they have no petrol and the parents have to look after the kids because they are always important all the time and they love them all the time.Next is that we always go to church to dances for special times like when Jesus died on the cross and when he suffered on the cross in the olden days so that if we are lost or hurt Jesus is with us through everything and we will always love Jesus in our hearts.Moving on i really had bad times in the holidays because now that my mum has 2 baby boys in her big tummy i have to look after her every single way through hard times. I always stay at home with my mum and dad at home because if i get lost i will get a smack or get injured.Sometimes i like being at home like my grandma and grandpa because usually i am like people going out usually.Well my holidays was boring then ever.

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