Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Duffy Assembly!!!!

Duffy celebration time

I thought that Mr Mac was a fisherman because he had a chili bin and i thought that a big fish was inside it but he wasn’t so it went on and on and suddenly Mrs Wright was speaking about herself but it was sad because her husband just died and that was sad to hear.Luckily that she is here with her children.She was still talking until it was time to meet Mr mac he was telling all about himself about when he was little and how he grew up in New Zealand. Mr Mac was telling everybody that his hand was broken and he couldn't go to work so when he was away from work he decided to write about his truck and his work and that could be cool writing and doing pictures in his own time at his house.So he asked some volunteers to help read the book that he wrote and those volunteers were Ofa,Kahlanie,Kalolaine and the other boys name that i forgot.They read until we read it with the C-D.When that was finished the people who read Mr Macs book got a certificate.Eventually we hanged out the Duffy books when Mr Mac and Mr Coakley hanged the Duffy books out we sang the Duffy book song and Mr Mac was dancing with the year 3 and 2 children and they were having so much fun that they were tired and then he asked for another person to come and danced with him while all the St Pius x pupils were singing the duffy song.

I Can’t wait to have another duffy assembly in the hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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